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Top 5 Family-Friendly Holiday Activities In Pazin, Istria

From ziplining over the spectacular Pazin abyss, to exploring the Pazin Cave and enjoying a swim under the Zarecki krov waterfall, the town abounds in activities to enjoy with your family.

Fair warning: it is possible that I might be slightly subjective in this post. Why’s that?

Well, Pazin is my hometown, the place where I have lived for over 20 years. There are so many memories of growing up there, so of course, the town is very dear to my heart.

Still, if you decide to visit Pazin after all, I am sure you will enjoy it, even if I beautified it here a little bit.

What to do and to see in Pazin?

We must admit, 10 years ago Pazin wasn’t exactly among the top towns to visit in Istria during the summer holidays.

However, recently that has changed a lot. Each summer, we see more and more people walking down the streets of this old town, that was first mentioned in 983 AD.

We assume you will visit Istria in the warmer months, so here are a few suggestions for how you and your family can spend your time in Pazin.


If you ever wondered how it feels to fly, but skydiving seems too intimidating, then the zipline over Pazin cave might be a great option.

In the beginning, the owners made a new attraction to amuse themselves, their friends, relatives, and neighbors, but a few years later it developed into a magnificent offering for Istrian visitors.

To get there you just follow the signs to Hotel Lovac, pass the parking lot and you will arrive at the big Green terrace. A beautiful view of the town will be the first thing to welcome you.

If you plan to come between May and the end of September, there is no need for advance reservations.

While you wait for your turn, you can refresh yourself with a cool beverage or coffee at the starting point.

If you are in a group of five or more in the off-season, you are still welcome to try this adrenaline ride; don't hesitate to contact them.

If your child wants to try it (why would only parents have fun?), but they weigh less than 25 kg, they can try it in tandem together with one of the guides. They will still enjoy the ride, don’t worry!

And this way, maybe you will be more relaxed seeing them in safe hands.


While flying on Zipline, except enjoying nature from a bird’s perspective 100 meters from the ground,  you cannot miss the view of the best-preserved medieval fortress in Istria, Pazin Castle.

It is also the biggest one, and they turned it into not only one museum but two!

At the Ethnographic Museum you can find 8,000 items that present the everyday life of Istrian villages in the past. You will find some permanent exhibitions (pottery, carpentry, blacksmithing..) but also temporary ones. 

In Pazin City Museum you can explore three departments, where you can find collections such as the life and musical collection, postcard and technical collection, everyday life collection, and so on. 

If your kids are similar to mine, you probably imagine the scenario like this: they run straight through both museums in five minutes and whine: When are we leaving??

But, the Museum’s educators came up with a great idea. Their goal is to engage the kids so they interestingly learn about Istrian heritage. So, they organize various workshops where children have the main role.

On their website you can check the workshops they have already held, and for the latest information about new ones follow them on social media.

After visiting museums, smaller ones will enjoy jumping and running around in the castle courtyard for sure. 


Pazin Cave, a trademark of Pazin, protected by the law as a significant landscape, inspired many famous artists in their works. 

Jules Verne was one of them. He took his heroes from his novel Mathias Sandorf through this mysterious cave. 

If you and your family want to experience Istria underground, you made a brilliant choice in coming here. 

If you have just finished visiting the Kaštel, just follow the road on your left after you exit the main door, and you will arrive at the starting point in a few minutes (the beginning of the bridge Vršić).

As you will reserve your spot for the tour( at least two days) in advance, which is obligatory, you will probably receive all the important information then, but it doesn’t cost us anything to mention them here also:

  • the equipment: a helmet with light is included in the ticket price (adults 230 kn, children 190 kn). Backpack with a bottle of water needed
  • the tour guided by experienced guides lasts 2,5 hours
  • appropriate sports shoes or extra clothes are not provided (inside can be slippery and the temperature is around 15℃), so please, don’t come in flip flops and don't forget to take some spare clothes
  • the minimum age for children is eight years   
  • although you have your own helmet with light, adults afraid of the dark must be aware it will still be dark inside!


In summer, when temperatures outside are pretty close to body temperature, most of us like to seek refreshment in the nearest sea, river, or lake.

Although the coast is not far from Pazin, maybe you will consider visiting the popular Pazin beach Zarecki krov, near the village of Zarecje. You can also park your car there.

Visitors often go there to escape the crowded beaches along the coast, but don’t expect full privacy there either.

There is a possibility you will have to search for a while for a place to put your towel. 

What to do in Zarečki krov:

  • lie in the sun or swim in the lake just under the waterfall
  • kids can explore the wildlife: there are lots of fish, butterflies, and frogs
  • if you are an experienced swimmer, challenge yourself to a 10-meter high cliff jump, right next to the waterfall
  • this place has two popular climbing spots: Zarečki krov and the Lido, so why not try climbing?
  • If you feel ready to climb some popular routes in Istria but need some guidance, then licensed guides from the climbing sport club SPK Hiperaktiv might help you, so don’t hesitate to contact them (we suggest booking a course at least a few days in advance).
  • search for locals from Zarečje who sell vegetables and fruit. You will not find zucchini fresher than straight from their gardens!!

An additional tip: the approach to Zarečki krov from the village of Zarečje is rocky and steep, so we do not recommend using a stroller if you are coming with a small baby. 

Take a baby carrier so you have your hands free to carry a cooler and a tent to keep your child’s sensitive skin safe.


After the adventurous Zipline and Pazin underground cave, the cultural treats of Kaštel, and relaxation on Pazin beach Zarečki krov, who wouldn’t be hungry?
Don’t look any further, because here are a few suggestions for places that will satisfy every taste:

Konoba “Bani”

If you are visiting Zarečki krov, then Konoba Bani is the closest restaurant  - it's only a few minutes by car from Zarečje to Bani village.
I personally recommend this place because I love the variety of food they offer: from amazing traditional dishes like homemade pasta with truffles or Istrian maneštra, to delicious vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free meals. 

If you have small kids, they will run around while you wait for your order, but you can relax. 

With almost no traffic and lots of space around, Konoba Bani is a great choice for a family dinner in Pazin.

Coffee bar/pastry shop “Gema”

If you decide to take a walk on the streets of Pazin, stop at the main square, near the Town clock. 
Your kids will probably want to try our newly refurbished playground, and later you can take them to the coffee bar/pastry shop Gema to try some delicious ice cream or any of their cakes.

Gastro/souvenir/wine shop “Taste Istria”

This is a great place to buy the best Istrian truffles, jams, wines, liqueurs, etc.
Before you buy from the wide variety of the products, use the option to try them first.

With top-quality olive oil or a bottle of Istrian traditional schnaps in your hand, which Istrian town will you discover next?