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Pazin Town Fair: Live Like A Local On Your Holiday In Istria

On the first Tuesday of every month, you can explore the Pazin Town Fair, the largest outdoor market in Istria, and shop for local artisan products and souvenirs.

If you plan your holiday in Istria during the first week of the month, and we mean any month, we suggest you visit the Pazin Town Fair, popularly called Pazinski sajam (in dialect: samanj), the largest monthly outdoor market in Istria.

Place of event: Šetalište Pazinske gimnazije Street

Date of event: first Tuesday of the month

Working hours: from May-October: 7am - 8pm, from November-April: 7am - 6 pm

What can you buy at the Pazin Town Fair?

The first fair was held in 1574 and its purpose was to buy and sell the agricultural and cattle-raising surpluses of the Istrian villagers.

 With the impact of modern society, today only a few stands sell traditional rural products. Here is the list of the most offered products at the fair nowadays:

  • Clothes & footwear
  • Food & natural remediesHousehold items
  • Flowers

Don't expect to find high-end brands there; if you think you have found them, be aware they are fake. 

But still, there are some Croatian manufacturers that sell quality clothes, food, natural remedies, etc. 

For instance, my oldest son is thin, so it is hard for me to find him joggers that fit him without having to tailor them, but I always find them from the manufacturer “Marina” so if you are in the same boat as I am, I recommend you search for their sign.

Top tips for visiting the Pazin Town Fair

 If you have decided to come to Pazin to see our traditional fair during your holiday in Istria, here are a few tips so your visit goes smoothly :

Prepare to bargain

We cannot promise you will succeed, but if you want to act like locals, we encourage you to try

Take some cash with you

Although more and more merchants have the option of paying with cards, most of them still insist on paying with cash only. Don't worry, ATMs are also very close, in the center, only a few minutes from the fair itself

Expect a crowd

If the weather is sunny and warm, expect more crowds. As people don't come to the Pazin Town Fair only to shop, but also to gather, don't be surprised if every few meters you are stuck in line. 

You may see people met by chance in the middle of the street that vividly narrate everything that happened to them since the last time they saw each other. 

Be patient, please, there is obviously some important conversation going on ☺, or you may just bypass them.

Look for kids activities

Although the selection of the toys is not big, there are a few stands that offer cheaper toys.

And if your child gets tired, in the middle of the street where the fair is held you will find a newly refurbished playground, so that could be a great option to rest a little bit. 

Or, you can rent a stroller, if you don't have yours on hand.

When I was a child I loved to walk through the fair with my mum, even if we didn't plan to buy anything. Just to feel the vibe.

If you would like to catch a glimpse of that vibe, check out this video. (source: istarski.hr) 

And since you are already in Pazin, why not explore it a little bit more?!

Here are the Top 5 family-friendly activities in Pazin, Istria we suggest, and we are sure you will leave Pazin, the “heart of Istria”,  satisfied and fulfilled.