Our story

Raising three kids in beautiful Istria, we know just what you need for a carefree Istrian holiday. Just pack the essentials and let us take care of the rest.

How it all began... We were packing the 8th suitcase for our 3-month long business/pleasure trip to Finland. Each of our three sons had his own wishlist, and among other things we brought with us: stroller for the youngest, favourite bulldozer for the middle son and balance bike for our eldest.

Although a part of the stroller was lost and found at the airport, we soon forgot about the trouble because we had so much fun in beautiful Finland. Time passed impossibly fast and in a blink of an eye, we were packing to go home. Of course, we returned with 2 additional pieces of luggage, because we just had to buy a few toys - and for each, our children had a valid reason why it was necessary.

While in Finland, we searched for local baby equipment rental companies but could not find any.

Once we got back home, we started our research and decided to offer that service to families with kids visiting our beautiful Istria.

Because we know how much more enjoyable your well-earned holidays will be if you can rent all the baby gear you need, quickly and seamlessly, and have it wait for you in your place of stay.

We understand oh so well what travelling with those little rockets is like. You'll have your hands full even without lugging your baby's pram and your toddler's beach supplies. Istria is beautiful in so many amazing ways and we want to help make your vacation even more special, relaxed and carefree.  

Is there anything more fulfilling than seeing your baby sleep so peacefully in her crib? Away from home, yet it feels like home.

Do you need to wake up in the middle of the night to warm up your baby's bottle? Piece of cake! We'll make sure you have all the equipment on hand.

As you decided to leave your much loved, carefully chosen baby gear at home, we'll offer you only high-quality products that are comfortable, stylish and easy to use and meet your safety and hygiene demands.

If you decided to travel light and don't want to worry about the safety of your own baby equipment, or you simply forgot to pack something essential, just give us a call. We are here for you!