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4 Reasons To Rent Baby Equipment On Your Family Holiday

Just imagine that after a long flight or car drive you arrive at your vacation home, and all the equipment you need is waiting for you and your child.

If you are reading this post, you probably have at least one child and you love to travel. You would probably agree with us that even thinking about packing baby stuff for the holiday seems daunting, frustrating, overwhelming, you name it.

Even for just one baby, the amount of baby equipment you need can be a lot. 

Let's take the baby cot, for example.

Yes, you can sleep with the baby in your bed and survive, but let's be honest, even when your parental superpowers are working flawlessly, you want a good night's sleep every now and then, especially during your holiday.

That's why planning a holiday while your child is still small might be, well… challenging.

Dilemma: Renting or taking your own equipment?

So, you have decided to travel with your smallest family member(s) and have organized your next holiday in detail. 

The departure date is getting closer, but one of the things left to decide is which equipment you and your baby will need the most for the upcoming holiday??

Have you started packing already? Are you feeling overwhelmed? 

Before you start trying to pack it all into your suitcase or pay a lot of $$$ to the airline to carry it all with you, do these two things:

  • check with your rental property to see what equipment they may already have, to be sure they have exactly what you need,
  • check whether there is a baby equipment rental company at your destination

Just imagine that after a long flight, or long car drive, you arrive at your hotel room or vacation home, and all the equipment you need is waiting for you and your baby.

Most baby equipment rentals offer almost all if not everything you might need on your family holiday. 

Equipment that you could rent are for example:

  • car seat
  • stroller
  • travel cot
  • high chair
  • coolbox
  • beach toys
  • bathtub

So what are the top reasons to rent baby equipment?

 Have you already Googled it and found a baby equipment rental at your destination?

Or you are still deciding whether to use this service or not?

Here are the top 4 reasons why renting baby equipment at a holiday destination  is a great idea: 


We have touched on this above. But I think everyone who travels, wants to do it as lightly as possible. For adults, that is not a problem. If you decide to travel light, you just pack what's essential, and you fly only with your hand luggage or backpack.
But traveling with a child? That may be a little bit complicated…Small babies, although small, need a fairly big amount of equipment. At least at the beginning, you would need a stroller, a car seat, a baby cot, a high chair, and a baby bouncer…

Carrying that bulky baby equipment through the airport doesn't seem much fun, right? 

On the other hand, if you travel in your car and decide to bring a stroller, a baby cot, and a beach cooler with you, the trunk of a middle-sized car will fill out very quickly. 


Let me share one of my personal experiences with you: we were traveling to Finland. Happily, we arrived in Helsinki, from where we were to continue our travel by train. 

After landing, we waited for a stroller for our youngest (the stroller we took with us) for more than half an hour. We were concerned if we would manage to catch our train on time.

We even considered leaving the stroller behind and trying to search for it later, after we’d arrived at our destination.

Luckily it did arrive at the very last minute before we had to leave, but the stress was there for sure. 

There were also several occasions when some parts got scratched or damaged, and with every trip, the stroller looked worse than before. 


When you rent the baby equipment from a company like Junior Travel, you can rest assured that the equipment is safe and in top condition. 

At Junior Travel, we take great care of all of our items. We clean them and sanitize them before and after each use. Plus, if any of the items do not meet our client's expectations, we replace them with a new one as soon as possible.

We also buy equipment only from trusted brands, car seats such as Cybex and Rӧmer, strollers from producers Maclaren and Peg Perego, baby carriers from Ergobaby, bouncers from Babybjorn, and so on. They all come with all the necessary certificates. 

We use those brands in our family, I mean, we all want the best for our children, don't we?


There is no better time to treat yourself a bit more than during your holiday! 


  • dragging the equipment through the airport or
  • squeezing it in your trunk with the other luggage
  • or cleaning it afterward

Let us do all of this for you! Your traveling is simplified, and you have less to think about before and after your holiday.

With small kids around, we deserve a bit of luxury and sometimes to catch a breath, don't we?!

Are you convinced yet?

As a parent myself, I know the answer - I mean, if we had another baby ;) haha!!

This way, we can travel light(er) and take only the most important things: our family and a few things for each family member.

That way there will be more space for those new summer dresses we bought just for this holiday!

If you agree with me and decide to rent baby equipment while visiting Istria, check out our offer. If you need something that we don't offer yet, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to help you.